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Notice to all current and prospective clients

Cycle Dynamics is pleased to announce that the business has moved to a new location – the Pedaler Cyclery and Podiatry in Milton. Scheduling is yet to be finalised, however, booking for new clients will be available from Feb 2017.

For anybody wishing to be place an expression of interest in the meantime, please use the contact form with “Waiting list” as the subject line.

Standard Bike Fitting Services

Performed by an experienced APA Sports Physiotherapist/Level 2 Cycling Coach currently undertaking a PhD related to bike fitting, every bike fit is individualised to suit each client’s specific needs and physical capabilities.

Pre-Purchase Bike Fitting

For those who are looking to purchase a new bike “off the rack” or get a custom frame, Cycle Dynamics provides pre-purchase fitting and advice. Poorly fitting bikes can not only result in pain, injury, poor performance and decreased enjoyment of the sport but can also have financial consequences (the money spent on a poorly fitting bike is a waste of money in its own right but can also lead to additional expense such as fees for treatment of any resultant pain/injury). With >10 years bike fitting experience and physiotherapy experience, Cycle Dynamics is also able to assist clients with specific needs that make it difficult to find an appropriate bike such as:

  • very short or tall riders
  • unusual body proportions
  • significant structural asymmetries
  • chronic musculoskeletal injuries/conditions
  • neurological disorders

Cycling Injury Analysis / Bike Fitting

Cycling is a sport with an injury profile involving both acute traumatic injuries from accidents, overuse injuries (primarily involving the lower limbs), compressive injuries affecting the hands, saddle region and feet, and static/postural type injuries involving the spine and upper body. Managing cycling injuries effectively not only requires expertise in injury diagnosis and management but also a detailed knowledge of the physical demands of various forms of cycling, cycling biomechanics, the range of available equipment/components and the interaction between rider and the bike (especially how changes in one aspect of an individual’s setup affects other aspects).

There are many excellent clinicians and bike fitters around but relatively few who are qualified and experienced in both injury diagnosis/management and bike fitting. Cycle Dynamics is owned and operated by an APA Sports Physiotherapist with Level 2 Road & Track cycling coaching qualifications with 10 years experience in both physiotherapy and bike fitting so has the skills and knowledge to help get you back on your bike in the shortest possible time.

SQlab Saddles

carbon3d612Cycle Dynamics has recently become the first dealer in Queensland for SQlab saddles. Ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the perineal region, they are a great solution for those suffering persistent saddle discomfort or more serious saddle-related conditions. See the product page for more detailed information.

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