Bike Fitting

Why Get A Bike Fit?

Cycling combines a highly repetitious movement pattern of the lower limbs (~5000 revolutions per hour for a cyclist riding continuously at 80-85rpm) with a relatively static spinal and upper limb posture, and so a wide variety of problems can arise from poor positioning. Spinal pain, hip/knee pain, numb/burning feet, numb hands, saddle discomfort etc are all highly prevalent and many cyclists seem to think that this is just part and parcel with the sport. In some respects this is true (if you ride for long enough you will get sore somewhere eventually) but with optimal fitting and a sensible approach to training these issues can be greatly minimised.

Positioning is also critical for performance, influencing aerodynamics, power production and cycling economy. There are, however, trade-offs to be made between positioning for performance and positioning for comfort and injury prevention/management. Expert cycling analysis can help you identify and manage individual injury risk factors and performance limiters which in turn guides the bike fitting process. The end goal is to optimise rider performance without undue discomfort or risk of injury to suit the individual goals, within the constraints of event requirements and applicable regulations.

What System Do You Use?

This is a common question asked by prospective bike fitting clients and the answer to this question is none! By this I mean that Cycle Dynamics is not affiliated with any commercial fitting system (eg. Retul, Specialized BG Fit etc..). These systems provide useful tools and a conceptual framework to work within which is certainly of benefit to many bike fitters, especially those coming from a bicycle retail or coaching background where a high level of knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, injury diagnosis etc is not necessarily assumed. Excellent observational skills, a detailed knowledge of the sport and the human body, years of bike fitting experience and the ability to think quickly to solve novel problems is what defines an expert bike fitter, regardless of the system.

Cycle Dynamics’ Approach

All Cycling Assessment and Bike Fit services performed by Cycle Dynamics combine:

  • Advanced clinical reasoning and physical assessment skills acquired through undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy training backed up with >11 years experience as a clinician
  • Cycling-specific knowledge acquired from years of active participation in the sport, the level 1 & 2 cycling coaching accreditation process and >11 years of bike fitting experience
  • A dedicated bike fitting studio

All fits are performed in an individualised and expert manner with a high attention to detail, however, as with any other bike fitting service, what can realistically be achieved is determined by the fundamental suitability of the frame and components that you present with and your willingness to make any necessary changes to the bike and/or yourself. It is therefore worth giving some thought in advance to where you sit on the spectrum below in the event that significant issues are identified that cannot be readily addressed without more significant investment of time, money and/or effort.

Most people fall somewhere in-between these extremes and Cycle Dynamics will always work with you to achieve the best result possible within your available resources. If something is not optimal you will be advised on what options are available to correct the issue and the likely consequences of maintaining the status quo so you can make an informed decision.

Availability and Costs

The online booking system (see right side-bar) details the services, available appointments and current fees. Please note that the fees are not inclusive of any parts that may be required to attain an optimum position (eg – stems, cranks, cleat wedges etc).

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