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New location for 2017!!

Cycle Dynamics has moved on from its home for the past 6yrs at Cam’s Cycle Coaching in West End and will be opening appointments to new clients at The Pedaler Cyclery and Podiatry in Milton as of Feb 2017 (limited appointments available prior to then are reserved for existing clients already on the waiting list). Opening hours are yet to be fully determined, however will be limited to 1-2 half days per week including Saturdays due to PhD commitments. Some Saturday appointments in Feb and March have been opened up in the online booking system but will be subject to confirmation closer to the date. If you would like to express your interest for alternate times please use the contact form with “Waiting list” as the subject.... read more

New SQlab medical saddle in stock.

Cycle Dynamics has recently taken delivery of a new saddle, the SQlab 600 Active, designed for riders who are intolerant of any pressure whatsoever to the perineal area (eg. severe pudendal neuropathy, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis etc….). Its two separate pads for support under the “sit bones” is similar to other forms of saddles used for this purpose, however, what makes the saddle unique is the presence of a nose which helps contribute to the control of the bicycle via contact with the inner thighs. Note that this saddle necessitates a very upright position (ie. not suitable for drop bar road and mountain bikes) and rider weight is limited to 120kg. For larger riders the 24cm SQlab 621 Active is recommended instead. This saddle retails for $189 incl. GST, and as with other SQlab saddles, Cycle Dynamics will give a 20% discount applies when supplied as part of a bike fit.   **** IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ*** Given the serious nature of some of the conditions for which this saddle is designed for, an appointment to get an adequate history, conduct an appropriate examination and/or organise a referral to an appropriate specialist may be required prior to any sale. Where an appropriate medical or health professional is already involved and has provided a recommendation for such a saddle (preferably in writing) this may not be required. As with any saddle, the comfort and effectiveness is highly dependent on it and the handlebars being set in an appropriate position relative to individual needs and capabilities. As such it is recommended that it be provided in the context of a bike fit. If you are uncertain please feel free to contact... read more

SQlab saddles – available now!

Cycle Dynamics has recently become the sole dealer in QLD for SQlab saddles. These high quality saddles have a unique step design and are the product of research and development lead by a German urologist. A range of different styles (with a range of sizes within each style) are available to suit all major disciplines including competitive and recreational road cycling, MTB, triathlon, commuting/city riding and long distance touring. They are suited to both male and female cyclists and are especially good for those who suffer from chronic saddle-related issues such as pain and/or numbness in the perineum/genital region, perineal skin irritation/breakdown, erectile dysfunction etc. As with any saddle, the perceived level of comfort (and effect on any other symptoms) is strongly influenced by both the characteristics of the saddle and the cyclist’s overall position on the bike. Cycle Dynamics therefore prefers to supply these saddles in the context of a bike fit with appropriate assessment of any specific issues. When provided in this manner the saddle is discounted 20% of the recommended retail price. Customers also have 4 weeks to test the saddle in real-world conditions, during which time the saddle can be returned for a refund less $10/wk rental*. Please visit the SQlab page or call Ben on 0402438342 for more information. * Must be returned with packaging in a clean and undamaged condition (fair wear and tear associated with normal use... read more

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